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What happens when data science meets the real world? It must work reliably to produce value in new ways for businesses and customers. As machine learning becomes more capable and ubiquitous, it will impact every part of business and have broad societal impacts.

In this newsletter, I explain trends and implications. After over 10 years of delivering solutions in data science and 25 years in technology, it is time to teach what works, what is valuable, and where ‘AI’ goes next. Topics I cover:

  • Data & AI Strategy

  • Technical Team & Organizational Leadership

  • Data Product Management

  • Data & Model Literacy

  • Applied Machine Learning Research & Causal Methods

This newsletter will challenge you to think in new ways by presenting a complete picture of machine learning in the real world. I combine pragmatism and futurism to explain how to build today’s solutions with a long-term vision in mind. I will change how you understand, evaluate, and apply technology to solve problems.

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