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> This community is rapidly approaching 5000 members, but less than 5% are paid subscribers.

I'm struggling to understand the point of reading the blog if the juiciest posts are locked. I do remember my first impression after looking at the list of locked topics. "Shut up and take my money!"

> I spent some time evaluating the future of this newsletter

I'm sure it's much more than a newsletter for those who pay!

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Very supportive of the call to action Vin and hope the newsletter can keep going. There aren't many other places I can find critical analyses of the strategic challenges businesses leaders must face with the support of data professionals.

As someone in the "data trenches", I certainly find your newsletters more on-point than a lot of what those well known large consultants paid big bucks seem to advise the C-level team.

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Do you have a sense of of the 5,000 subscribers, how many read the newsletter? Curious of the percent that read the newsletter and of that % how many like/share.

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